Our Molds

Distinctive Molds® uses only virgin resins in our ABS high impact molds. Our molds are white in color which is an assurance you are receiving only pure virgin ABS. All molds are 3/16” thick ABS unless special orders are requested which require a different thickness. 

There are many different types of mold material in the market place. Virgin ABS will provide the most durable mold that will hold up to the abuse and handling most concrete molds are exposed to. Virgin ABS is more expensive than other types of mold plastics, but the payoff comes in the additional pour cycles you are able to make using these molds. Make sure you insist on virgin ABS to insure the longest life of your concrete molds.

Numismatic Objects

These plastic molds are raised image one sided replicas for the purpose of pouring concrete pavers that are 18” diameter and are not meant to be, or purport to be, imitation metal tokens or devices that in any way resemble actual numismatic items. These molds are not classified as imitation numismatic devices due to the size, material, and one sided nature of the product. Distinctive Molds® is not affiliated with the United States Government in any way nor is the U.S. Government endorsing these products.

Visit OSHA's website for information on cement burn prevention.

Product Dimensions

**Some product dimensions are nominal. Please contact us if you need to meet a specific dimension for a Masonry & Building or Paver mold.**