*Note: larger type size works better in concrete.

Letters & Numbers Measurements Download:  

Letter Measurements Letter Measurements (78 KB)


1. Use a clear silicone glue to fasten the letters/numbers in the mold. 

2. Allow glue to set for a minimum of 3 hours. 

3. After the glue has set, trim the excess glue around the letters/numbers. 

4. Apply release agent heavily over the letters/numbers. Tip the mold so excess release agent will run off the letters/numbers. Clean off any excess release agent. 

5. Pour concrete into mold. 

6. After removing the finished product from the mold, clean the mold and lettering with rubbing alcohol to remove any residual glue. 


1. Attach positive lettering on finished product with a waterproof adhesive. 

2. Clean any excess adhesive before it sets.