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Custom Mold Policy

Distinctive Molds® is capable of creating unique molds in a variety of shapes and sizes. On our website under “Order Forms” is a “Custom Order Form” to be completed by the customer with the details of your desired design. Please fax this information to us. We will respond with a quote on the cost to make the custom tooling for your design. 

Custom tooling is owned by Distinctive Molds® and will be protected for your exclusive use for two years from your first order. During these two years Distinctive Molds® will store the original tooling and replace the tooling if necessary. The nature of the tooling material and the extreme heat to manufacture molds can result in cracks or damage to the tooling. If the original term has not expired, the term of exclusive use can be extended by two years from the date a customer re-orders a minimum of 5 molds made from the custom tooling in a single order. If the period of exclusive use expires the tooling may go into inventory if it is in useable condition or it may be eliminated.